About Us

Who we are and what we do


Medicine is an art as much as it is a science, and no two physicians or hospitals practice the same way.

It is from this premise that over 10 years ago INNOVIO was born. Most EHRs today are based on boiler-plate “templates” that do not match your art of medicine or your practices and processes. Standard and old templates do not work. Instead of outdated templates, INNOVIO has dynamic processes and Concepts that can be fully customized to you.

What we do

If you are struggling with a cookie cutter or an incomplete EHR system then INNOVIO system was designed for you. Most of our clients suffered with simple and outdated template systems before they discovered us. Every day we help physicians and hospitals like you save valuable time and improve medical quality and patient outcomes. Our solution will save you hours each day in wasted time charting and filling paperwork. You'll spend less time doing administrative activities and filling forms, and more time doing what you do best. Caring for patients.

Our Mission

Our goal at INNOVIO is not only to help hospitals and physicians like you practice faster and easier medicine, but to become the most innovative Electronic Health Records system in the market. To this end, we've assembled an unparalleled team of physicians, developers, trainers, and technicians, whose dedication and collective experience produce the finest Electronic Healthcare system today. Our mission is on track.

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare system where doctors are free to practice medicine and hospitals are able to operate their own way, the best way they know how. Physicians must be allowed to harness their own experience, education, and intuition, free from restrictive and cumbersome and often medically incomplete template-based systems.