Why you should make the switch:

We support your organization not your software.

Our number one goal is to reduce and eliminate your burdensome, repetitive and administrative tasks to reduce your workload. So that you can focus your time and resources on more important aspect of your job. We offer a robust Cloud solution so you don’t need to build an expensive infrastructure to support this system including backup processes.

We thrive on change, and so will you.

Healthcare is constantly changing, and software can’t keep up. Our network can adapt in real-time to help you evolve at the pace of industry change. We us, you don’t need to play catch up, as we keep you updated seamlessly with minimal impact and minimum training required. All things happen in background.

Our success depends on your success.

As a true business partner, our cost model aligns our financial success with your practice’s performance. We are not in the business of just selling software but to make sure we solve your business challenges. No hidden costs and we don’t nickel and dime our partners. No costly upgrades.

Our Products

We focus on Healthcare technology solutions

Electronic Heath Record

With a true EHR, physicians can more easily coordinate and track patient care across practices and facilities. A “one-stop care” system that provides all the services a patient needs—office visits, testing, surgery, hospital visits—under one roof so services can be coordinated over the course of a single visit, rather than time-consuming multiple visits.

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The benefits of our dynamic and Patient-customizable CPOE, include more consistent patient-centered care that is lasting and measurable. CPOE leads to enhanced efficiency by decreasing turnaround times in the ordering process for care related to medication management, as well as laboratory and radiology tests and procedures

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Integrated Patient-Hospital/Practice Portal

As INNOVIO automates your workflow, it automates you patient portal as well. This comprehensive and interactive portal helps communicate with, educate, and better engage your patients with little effort. Streamline intake and forms, appointments, embark on online queries and studies, and improve patient experience.

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INNOVIO's Medication administration record, allows for real-time, instant updates, ensuring everyone in the care chain has secure and speedy access to care detail, and the complete elimination of paper charting administration saves valuable time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most — patient care and experience.

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Our Key Features:


The INNOVIO suite is multi-platform-- meaning you can take your practice on the road and access information from your iPhone, iPad, desktop computer and other devices!

Fast & Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

INNOVIO Analytics Reporting delivers organized data that enables you to make easy, quick and informed decisions about your patients and the cost management.

Adaptive Software

INNOVIO suite is designed with the flexibility and ability to simply adapt to your changing business needs. These changes can be implemented quickly and easily without major cost to you.

24/7 Customer support

We care about our customers & provide free support. You won’t be alone, purchasing our theme, satisfaction is guaranteed.


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